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[06 Sep 2004|04:07pm]
attention. i have a new journal..
add it, even if i hate you :)
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[02 Sep 2004|03:39pm]
okay i'm updating reallllllllllllll quick becuase if tj comes over again i won't have time. haha
okay wellll...
-i got chris' phone number and we are gonna go to the alexisonfire show (hopefully) i'm not sure what this means because i can't tell if it's a friends thingy or you know. haha i feel dumb now.
-he let me wear his sweatshirt when i was cold. i didn't even ask him, i was like i'm cold to myself and he turned around and was like your cold?..do you wanna wear this? and i was like suuure :D
- ryan was being a penis. i'm not going to get into things.
-i've hung out with tj for like 3 days in a row. and i think he's coming over soon. hopefully because i need help with my math homework.
-we ran a mile in gym and my legs are so sore it's not even funny. i'm the only one in pain too. i'm such a lazy ass.
-i made moree friends. dallas reminds me of mykei. and this kid johnny, oh my god, i love his hair. it's such a fro. (he's not black either)
-i felt like i was gonna cry in gym and james was being an ass. i was like dude, this isn't a good time. and he was all like ahhhh your my wife ahh or something like that.
-tj thinks my mom is a milf (mom i'd like to fuck) isn't that sickkkkkkkk?

that raps up my few days. i'm sorry my entry was so lame.
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ah ah ah [29 Aug 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | wee ]

okay. hi. i feel like updating about my cool weekend. you guys may not think it was cool but i sure did!

alrighty well, saturday i dyed my hair and it actually looks good. wowza. it's redish. i'll take a picture later, maybe. and today i went driving around with my mommy and shannon and little nicole. she took us to barrington saddlery. it was SO cool. oh my gosh. they had everything there. including my half chaps and boots that i've wanted since i was in the 6th grade. haha. and my and nicole were trying on saddles. i found a cool used one. and they had some eventing on the t.v. and i watched it. i was like a kid in a candy store. and then my mom let us go across the street to pet the horses. i want to give a makeover to sugar. her mane is all ratty and long and she is in dying need of a bath. but she was cute.:)

oh, and today i went on a scooter ride through the neighbor hood and i found a little creek place and a park. it was pretty. ANDDD i helped a little mentally challenged girl do the monkey bars. she was so happy and cute. :DDDD

now i have to go look at joe's journal (because he rules) and then i'm going to sleeeep and tommorrow is school.

comment bitches.
jaimejaymejmejaimejaimiehimayandjaymee <3

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1-800-SAFE AUTO [27 Aug 2004|04:29pm]
[ mood | thisishowbigavolleyballis ]

this is my gay/hyper/funny/boycrazylolz post. sorry.

okie dokie, well the last two days have been really good. i no longer sit alone at lunch eveerrr and i always have someone to talk to now. i'm so happy. i made three more friends (there is more, but i can't remember their names lol) james,zack, and mitch. i met mitch in study hall..i walked in and he was like misfits are so fucking awesome dduuuude. haha, and speaking of misfits when i wore my shirt (not a big deal) i got sooooo many comments like "misfits rock" or "you rule, you like the misfits". well, it was an interesting day called thursday.

today (friday) was funny.when i got to my locker, this girl thats locker is next to mine was like you shirt is sweeeeet, and i was like uh, okay. she's kind of strange. in english we had to choose our favorite documentary film and i said A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A DOMINATRIX and i got in trouble. even though it doesn't exsist. it's about this woman named karen and she gets her friend bob to tape her going to work and stuff. she whips people and sets their toes on fire and does some girl with a spikey strap on. (i didn't say THAT in class, just so you know)and at gym this kid was like i so love you. yeah, not very relavent. tj walked me to gym and i guess that means that your "going out with someone" according to this one kid. i kind of wish i was his "new girlfriend" (exact quotes) but he has one, but they never talk to each other it seems. oh well. :) and lunch was so funny. we all were like TITTIEZlolz.

james was crabby today. i don't know why. hm

this kid in my social studies class is uhh, hot. i don't know his name but ooh-ee is he cute. i think his name is chris. i call him history class kid, and speaking of history i still call social studies history haha.

gym is really hot. ew, i feel like a sweaty pig. it's gross.
me and mitch wanna have a three some with spanky's hair.

i tried to call mykei and it wasn't his number! i was mad. >:O

alot's happened in just two days but i can't remember it all. oh yeah, andrew is gonna let me watch all of his porno flicks.

alot of people thought i was a sophmore/softmore? i dunno. but yeah, like six people thought i was.

oh yeahhh, lol okay, well in history (ahh see!? i told you) we were talking about polish people and i was like the women dress alike and then seth (the kid next to me) said no, they wear doo-rags! i laughed so incredibly hard hard, that my eyes were watering.

i saw the equestrian teams in the olympics. rodrigo pesso was amazing but some irish guy won by three seconds. :( rodrigo's horses are always gorgeous. one has had to go to the hospital because she tripped. i hope she's okay, she was pretty.

k well, bye bye.

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he killed the japs. [25 Aug 2004|03:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


tuesday sucked donkey balls. today was pretty dang good.
i made friends. yaya. they're juggalos. we did this thing in english and we made selfportraits! eee some preppy guy was an ass to me. he was like ICUTMYSELF24/7BAHH, actually it was kind of funny. some guy that i thought was obnoxious is actually really niice. i sat with him on the bus. we were singing the wheels on the bus go round and round lol. and we were making fun of his friend because he's a bush lover. ahhh. and then i sat next to some guy (i can't rememebereijhea his name) but we were like THIS WAS THE BEST BUS RIDE EVER, I LOVE YOUUUUU! lol.

i cut my finger on my belt this morning. :( it was bleeeeding.

sorry my typing is so dumb right now, my fingers are tired.

i can't open my dumb locker. so i had to leave my science book in it when i have homwork. everyone else can open it but me. i think it's jammed. grr, i'm p.o.ed about it.

there is kid's jeprody or however you spell it.

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pu pu [23 Aug 2004|12:34pm]
i'm lazy right now. i'm tired and hungry and hot.

i went to my orientation dealy. i hardly got lost, but all of my classes are spread apart. i met only one person. lol. his name is ethan. he's a cutie. all the girls at my school are valley girls, it's annoying.i smelt some dude's b.o. eww

i tried dying my hurr. it didn't work because my mom wouldn't listen to me. i wanted blonde blonde and she made me get the darker blonde. see, i'm alllllllllways right.

i went to the mall. got some shirts for school. and i found a really pretty dresser thinger.

i woke up at 5:20 today. >:O

that's all i want to write about right now. okay, so bye bye.

oh yeah, BECKY ROBLES GOES TO MY SCHOOL! HAHAHA i was like ohhh greaaaaat. so does kayla loth (you all probably don't know her. me and danielle went to glenbrook with her)

now that's all. byeee byeeeee. again.
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Hi Sydney [17 Aug 2004|01:15pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Hello. The other day I went to Sarah's house. Chris Maverick was there and then when he left her cousin came over and she was cutting roses. We played with doggies. One of them had a loose vagina haha.

Danielle went shopping with us. I got some jeans and a skirt. Shannon bought about 32984723 billion ugly shirts. We went to Plato's Clostet, and i saw a 20 thousand foot scarf. Then we went to Woodfeild mall and my ankles were killing me.

I got my hair cut. I just evened my layers. They were nastay. I still have to put in my "bangs". so yep. I want to go to Sally's beauty supply and get my hair dye and shiznit.

wee. Good Bye lovers. <3333

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flippity flop flip flop [14 Aug 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hi everybody! No, I did not die. My computer wasn't hooked up yet.

Okay so.. I can't really remember what's been going on. Tomorrow I'm going to Streamwood again. We are cleaning the house thingy.

My hands are out of shape, and it's hard to type. lol

I measured 16.3 hands would be and it's like 6 ft 3.

I <3 infomercials, foreign people, slug bugs with swasticas all over and the lisence plate is 4 the ppl haha, and mini cd's.

There is only THREE Powerangers now! :(((( I was so sad when I found a box at Target and it only had three on the box.

I put my pictures on the walls. It looks lovely.

I keep reading. It's my new favorite hobby. I've read about three books in the last week.

Shannon and I were watching Blind Date and on the Hall Of Shame it had some chick in a mermaid outfit going flipity flopity floo, or something like that. We laughed so hard.

I think that's all. My life is boring. bye bye.

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yeah, u can explain y yo hand iz on her ASSSSSS!! [04 Aug 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

i've been moving stuff non-stop. i brought a bunch of posters, stuffed animals, clothes, fan (my room was boiling hottttt), green christmas lights. my multi-colored ones broke. i'm bringing my bed there thursday. yay, except not..i have to sleep on the couch. :( haha, sucks for me.

oh, and speaking of christmas lights, i made the coolest design thing ma-bob. it hangs over my door and closet. yep, i might take pictures of it.

today i went to the doctors office and i had to carry pee. how disgusting! i was so embarrassed. i'm surprised i didn't die of shame. lol. i got two shots and a prickly thingy. i weigh 123 lbs. i am such a fatty. :D

my beautiful big white rimmed sunglasses are missing. i can't find them anywhere and it's making me mad.

i keep hearing ashlee simson on the radio. i swear to lord, i know all the words now. :(

that's all for ya'll now.
bye, love jaime.

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. we don't like you. [02 Aug 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

i do beleive that this will be a very boring entry.
I woke up at 1 in the afternoon today.

Me and my mom went driving and we were in Elgin and we took a wrong turn and we found the cutest tack shop ever. It's called Everything Equine. We looked at everything. I saw boots that i want and they have videos..but I didn't buy one. Then we went to a botique and I wanted an awesome Kenneth Cole purse. It was leather and big and completely cool. lol. But it was 119 dollars, so unfortuanatly I didn't get it. Oh well, another day.

I'm going to trim my hair soon so it is pretty even. When I straighten it, the top layer looks weird unless I straighten it for about six hours, so hopefully it will look better, but i don't want to wait another few months for it to touch my shoulders. i like audrey hepburn's highlights when she was in Breakfast At Tiffany's. or i want this chocolate brown color, that's only if i keep my hair short. =/ we'll see, i guess. enough about my hair.

i got this dresser and head-board. the only reason i said yes to get it was because i don't have a dresser at the moment because i threw mine out. i guess it'll do until i get the white one from ikea.

took this from neilCollapse )

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whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do when they come for you.. BAD BOYS. [31 Jul 2004|11:36am]
[ mood | mellow ]

I'm finally updating. It seems forever since my last entry.


My layout is gorgeous. Thanks to Ashley. (Katie's sistahhh)

I can't remember what I've been doing. crap.
I picked out my classes for next year. I have regular English and Science but I have Algebra for Math. Okay, I've never even taked pre-algebra. I'm seriously going to die. Haha. For "electives" I'm taking either art or this fashion class. The school has like a little pit thing you can hang out after lunch. I think it's kinda stupid because it's right infront of the office. But the school is I think two floors. lol.

Danielle and I went to my mom's friend's house. It was kinda gay, but it's okay because I colored a My Little Pony and I named him Penis Pie (like Pinky Pie lol) You would have to see the picture in order to understand Penis' name. haha. We watched this old video of her boyfriend Pete and yeah. He was like I FUCKING HATE DISTURBEDDDD. I was like ..okay. haha anyways.

Friday we were supposed to close on the house, but we didn't because the check thingy ma jigger didn't send in time..so we close on Monday.

I had a very very awesome dream. I was in a Mcdonalds hotel and the beds were giant fluffy hamburgers and the pool had like things you could swim around Rondald Mcdonald. I pushed two black guys down the stairs..I can't remember why though. lol, I seriously loved this dream. haha.

I discovered this neat-o music listener on the internet. The only bad thing is, is that the songs that I get to listen take forever to load.

K, well bye bye.

oh yeah, I feel like a big fat loser. I have no clue why..lately I'm not proud to be me. :( lol. I don't know. I feel bad and not good. oh well. Make me feel better. (just kiddddidndinginigng)

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p-i-z-z-a THAT'S WHAT I WANT! [27 Jul 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]

There are important events that have been happening..

-A bird got stuck in the dryer tube and I think it's dead. Me and Shannon tried to save him/her but we couldn't. :(
- I stayed up till 1:30 last night reading Camp Saddlebrook. I'm on page 112. I wrote like nine pages of journal notes before.
-I'm writing a story.It's about these kids named Tray and Bunnie (and yes I did get it off of Sex And The City <3) And they are going to a concert and Bunnie runs into a very annoying little talking dog who is moshing. He keeps asking her to touch his genitals. lol. Tray makes out with a girl who really is a man. And they run into some pretty funny events, or atleast I like to think so.When I'm done with it I will post it.
-I broke Shannon's finger. haha.
- I KILLED ANOTHER FLY. THIS IS THE SECOND IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I killed it with a dental floss box on the computer screen. lol.
-Most of my clothes have gone missing. They are probably lost in the heap in my room.
-I made A girl band person. Her name is Kenzie Glitteroty. (which is me) I was singing songs all day yesterday. I wrote them myself! There is "Move yo g-string down south" (yes, I got that off of Thirteen),"Don't play me for poop" "I love spagetti and roast beef on a bun" "Nunz r hawtiez" and "I dated John Smith" <3
She is gonna be big someday.lol.
-I watched Titanic!! LOL.
- I remembered my AWESOME languge. For example, She was totally edging on my squeeze, so I dinged her with a bounce bounce in the numbers lab Translation being She was flirting with my boyfriend, so I threw an eraser at her in math class Haha.
-I found a crayon that was called Robin's egg blue. I've never heard of that before. :)

I got this idea from Katie.
Post annomysly and tell my three clues as to who you are.

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sdkfjsdficm Adasaff [25 Jul 2004|01:21pm]
I don't know why I'm updating again. I just feel like it.

Last night, Shannon and I watched The Butterfly Affect. Wow, it was really good. We think that "Evan" as a teenager looks like Ian. He even has the same shoes! I cried when the dog got killed and some other parts. The movie scared me, I didn't go to sleep until 4:30.

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enjoy your meal [24 Jul 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Not too much has been happening.My dad called. I tried to ask him about riding lessons, but I got scared and didn't bring it up. Maybe I'll write him a letter. That would be way easier. He got another tattoo. The tattoo man did (I'm not sure who..Tim or Lars) but he did "the singer of Rancid"s tattoo, which is kinda cool, I guess.

Friday I went to the movies with Danielle and Heather. We saw Anchorman. Haha, it was hilarious and cheesy.

Today I got new blankets and crap. It's pink and kinda silky. Now I regret buying them because now I want the polka dot comforter from Ikea. Oh well, I can always go and buy it another day. It's not that much money. =/

According to my mom, we are moving all of our stuff this weekend. I haven't started packing yet.

I feel like total shit. My head/jaw/hands/body/eyes hurt. :( I just want to go to sleep but I'm not the least bit tired.

I think that's all.
Love, Jaime. <3 :D

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hop goes the pink rabbit. [20 Jul 2004|09:45am]
[ mood | tired ]

First off, I'm not going to be "Friends Only" anymore. I don't care what people read anymore..not like I have anything to hide.

I was thinking last night and I was wondering a few things..
Who invented thongs?
Who invented stuffed animals?
What was the first Simpsons episode about? (I'm not even a fan of the Simpsons)

Then, I was thinking about my friends and how when I move how much I will miss them.(you guys) At my new school I won't know anyone and plus I will be Freshman.And alot of Freshman people are stupid. They have no idea what is important yet or what really matters.Even though I'm a Freshman.haha, this really sucks. I feel like I'm losing all my friends lately. I haven't hung out with any of them in so long.

Then, I started thinking about what am I gonna do for a living. I get out of school in four years. Even though it may far away, it's really not.I would like to design clothes. I would like to be a hair colourist, but I've never even died my own hair (myself, I've always had someone else dye my hair) I would like to be a musician, but I have no musical talent whatsoever. Hmmm.

I'm going on a diet. My calorie intake per day is now 250. And every time I feel like eating, I'll drink a glass of water. :)

PS- I completely forgot about this. Okay, well I had a dream last night and I was in my hall way and this little girl comes walking in. Her names was "Safe Card Girl" and then she went to my mom's room so I ran after her and I got in front of her and then she started to bang on the door..finally she got in and then when i turned around she was all posessed. (Do you know how in movies when the person has a nightmare and wakes up and is breathing heavily?) that happened to me. The only way I could go back to sleep was to think about the Happy Days people dancing like hulla dancers.

That's all children. Good Bye.

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[06 Jul 2004|11:33pm]
Friends Only.

Comment to be added,or add me first. Love, Jaime. <3
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